Covid-19 Update and our Commitment



With the World Health Organization (WHO) announcing the recent news that the Covid-19 Virus has reached pandemic proportions we feel it's in the best interest of our loyal customers to give you an update regarding our operations. 

While the entire team at Battery Guys is taking necessary precautions to protect ourselves and our community, we also understand that battery storage is essential to keeping machines, medical devices, homes and vehicles in operation.  

Our commitment is to continue to process all in-stock orders within a 24 hour time frame! 

Please keep in mind, even though we are shipping out orders quickly, one thing out of our control is shipping delays. There have been delays nationwide because of Covid-19 and now the Vaccine distribution. Our internal support staff will still be available to help with any pre and post purchase questions while our warehouse team is diligently taking safe measures to ensure that our customers are not impacted while we weather this storm together.  

These are truly tough times for not only the nation but the world. As long as we are given the ability, we will remain 100% committed to our customers.  

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and, by all means, please exercise caution and stay safe.