Deka Dominator Gel Battery - 8GGC2


The Dominator contains electrolyte that is permanently locked in a thixotropic gel, instead of conventional and messy liquid acid. Our gelled electrolyte batteries offer many significant advantages over conventional liquid acid batteries. Because there is no liquid electrolyte to leak or spill out of the battery, the Dominator can be easily installed in hard-to-reach locations. Because it has gelled electrolyte, there is no need to check fluid levels. The Dominator’s gelled construction also prevents vibration damage to plates. The Dominator even works under water.

  • 100% maintenance-free - No need to check electrolyte levels
  • Easy to install - Convenient for hard-to-reach connection and hook-up
  • Non-spillable by ICAO (International Commercial Airline Organization), IATA (International Airline Transport Association), and DOT (Department of Transportation) definitions* - Transports easily by air without special containers
  • Recombinant construction with gelled electrolyte - Virtually eliminates dangerous spills, gasses and terminal corrosion
  • Power-Perform® full-frame plates and specially formulated oxide - For maximum durability, power and life
  • Thick consistency of gelled electrolyte and tight-pack construction - Prevents the damaging effects of vibration
  • Self-discharge rate of less than 2% per month (at 77°F) - Recharges even if left discharged for months
  • Over 250 quality control checks - Guarantees highest quality, performance and reliability
  • Made in U.S.A. - Your assurance of quality

Potential Applications for the Deka Dominator Battery

Golf Carts, Buoy Lighting, Engine Starting, Safety Lighting, Communication Equipment, House Power, Security Systems, Control Equipment, Marine Equipment, Ships Batteries, Emergency Lighting, Navigation Beacons, Trolling Motors, Emergency Power, Radar Stations, Other Deep-Discharge, Supply Systems, Radio Relay Stations, Applications

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