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Full Throttle FT850-94R


  The Full River Full Throttle Series batteries were designed from the ground up to handle the increasing demands of today’s vehicles. Built with high-compression cells and a heavy-duty case, they stand strong in the face of shock and vibration. Pure-lead cells and thin-plate technology deliver reliable power, again and again, to meet the highest level of demand.

Full Throttle batteries fit the widest variety of vehicle needs and applications (Cars, trucks, motorcycles, marine, power sports, emergency responders and semi-trucks). From professional racing to serious vehicle enthusiasts, Full Throttle is the battery of choice. Tough, reliable, and built to last.

 Features and Benefits of Full Throttle Battery

  • Maintenance Free, Spill-proof, sealed construction provides an environmentally friendly non-hazardous battery that is DOT, IATA, ICAO and IMDG approved for transportation by land, sea and air.
  • Environmentally conscious, jar-formed, high-density plates undergo a 10-day curing process for superior bonding of the paste to the heavy duty lead, calcium and tin grids. This ensures fully formed, voltage matched plates for long life, true deep cycle functionality and recovery.
  • Compression of highly micro-porous, glass mat separator provides superior contact between electrolyte and plates for maximizing capacity while providing extreme shock and vibration resistance.
  • Our fire retardant ABS case, cover resins and epoxy seals combine to form a truly safe sealed battery that is non-hazardous, highly durable, and capable of being mounted in any direction except inverted. 
Click here to Download Fullriver Charging Instructions PDF.

Click here to Download Fullriver Installation and Operations Manual PDF.

Click here to Download Spec Sheet PDF.


BCI Group Number


Height with Terminal in. (mm)

7.47" (190mm)

Width in. (mm)

6.85" (174mm)

Length in. (mm)

12.36" (314mm)

Weight lbs (kg)

55.7 lbs (25.3 kg)

Terminal Configuration



1888 Amps


1200 Amps


1070 Amps


850 Amps

Reserve Time @ 25 Amps

175 min

Capacity @ 20 Hr Rate

85 Ah

Full Throttle Warranty Policy



4 Years
4 Years
Power Sports
Customer Modification

2 Years

Electric Race Cart (E-Cart)*
6 months

Fullriver Battery will provide the warranty to the original purchaser subject to the terms and conditions stated herein for the Full Throttle product line in accordance with the periods specified by application in the corresponding table (left).


This warranty covers battery models as part of the Full Throttle series that become unusable or unserviceable due to defects in material and/or workmanship. The following detail is required to claim warranty and must coincide: (1) Proof of Purchase, (2) the Fullriver manufacturing date code, and (3) proof of proper auxiliary charging for batteries that (a) are idle for long periods, (b) used for duty other than (or in addition to) primary starting. The batteries must have been sized properly for the power demand, used in the application for which it was intended, and charged with an approved charging profile (ref. Fullriver AGM Charging parameters). Batteries used for cycling must be fully charged after any significant use or at least 1x/week for lighter duty service, or monthly during periods of non-service. The charge cycle must be allowed to complete a full 3 stage charge profile that includes a float or finish stage. Heavy (deep) cycling will not be covered under warranty. For heavier or dedicated deep cycling applications, Fullriver Battery recommends the Fullriver DC Series battery line. Batteries must be used on an approved load tester. The minimum performance threshold is 50% of rated capacity. This warranty applies to batteries sold after July 1st, 2020.



During the free replacement period: Fullriver Battery will replace any defective battery with an identical battery equal to or better than the original, or issue credit for the amount of the original battery at time of purchase. During the Pro-Rata period: Fullriver dealer will provide a replacement battery at an adjusted pro-rata price using the formula below based on minimum advertised pricing (MAP):




This warranty does not cover batteries that failed within the warranty period due to the following conditions of abuse or neglect: loose terminals/cables, rusted/corroded hardware, improper maintenance, improper installation, broken / cracked / bulged cases or covers due to fire, explosion, freezing, wreckage, or continuoud exposure to extreme hot or cold environments and/or temperature corrected charging/discharging. This warranty does not cover batteries that are: not charged properly, left uncharged for extended periods of time, improperly sized on a power demand basis, damaged from electrical equipment, where manufacturing codes have been destroyed or tampered with, or other non-standard or unauthorized battery modifications. The entire set must be used to power all loads, and a DC/DC converter is required for auxiliary loads of a lesser voltage. Fullriver will not be responsible for expenses incurred including, but not limited to, transportation, shipping, battery installation, recharging, electrical system tests, service calls, loss of use, time, equipment, rental expenses, or costs that can be considered incidental, consequential, or related damages.


*Guidance found on Fullriver's E-Cart Best Practices document must be closely adhered to in order to qualify for E-Cart warranty. Document request via email (see below).


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