Shipping Announcement

  Orders placed from

12/22/23 through 12/26/23

will start shipping on 12/27/23.


Happy Holidays from

all of us at BatteryGuys! 


How soon will my order ship after I receive a confirmation?

Our orders normally ship within 1-2 days (unless specified otherwise on our website).

Do you charge sales tax?

Right now we only charge tax for shipments going to AZ, FL, NV, WA. However, the laws are constantly changing and more states may be added in the future.

Do you charge a core charge?

We do not charge a core charge for any orders, but please recycle your battery. Any place that sells batteries should take them in for you. Another option is to take your old batteries to a metals scrap yard. They may even pay you for them. 

Do you offer Military Discounts?

Yes, we do. The discount will depend on size of the order and method of shipping. Please contact us for further details.

What if I have a warranty issue?

Please contact us via phone or email and we will try to trouble shoot. If we cannot figure it out on the phone or by email, we will try to find a local dealer to assist you or have you send the battery back to us for testing.

What does AGM stand for?

It stands for Absorbed Glass Mat and is a type of separator where acid is absorbed.

What is the difference between AGM and GEL?

AGM batteries have the advantage of being mountable in any orientation without capacity loss, have lower internal impedance to support high load currents and have better capacity at lower temperatures. Gel batteries must be mounted upright to prevent air pockets from forming that will burn out the plates. They have inferior performance at high discharge rates and low temperatures.

What is battery sulfation?

Sulfation is the formation of lead sulfate on the surface of and within the pores of the active material of the lead plates within a battery. If the sulfation forms large crystals on the plates, the battery will not function efficiently or may not work at all. Common causes of battery sulfation are sitting a long time in a discharged condition (nonuse), operating under high temperatures, and prolonged over charging or under charging.

What is the voltage of a 100% discharged battery?

A battery is completely discharged once it reaches 10.5 volts. Most people think it would be 0 volts. This is incorrect. Anything below 10.5 volts is considered abuse on the battery and could ruin the battery.

What is self-discharge?

The loss of capacity in a battery due to internal chemical reactions. Self- discharge will occur within all batteries and is influenced by temperature. Self-discharge occurs no matter if the battery is connected to your device or not.

How do I connect my batteries in series?

You would connect the + (positive) post of the first battery to the – (negative) post of the second battery. Series increases voltage but the capacity remains the same. For example, two 6-volt 220 ah batteries hooked in series, would equal 12-volt 220 ah. See diagram below.

How do I connect my batteries in parallel?

You would connect the + (positive) post of the first battery to the + (positive) post of second battery and also connect the - (negative) post of the first battery to the – (negative) post of the second battery. Parallel increase capacity but not voltage. For example, two 12-volt 600 ah batteries hooked in parallel, would equal 12-volt 1200 ah. See diagram below.